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HPPB LOGO (2018) - WEB.png


Humana People to People Belize is a non-profit organization that implements community-development projects that empower and mobilize underserved groups to reduce poverty.

Its clients include international donors, local partnering organizations, and residents from different socio-economic backgrounds.

The challenges

The organization had outdated logos and non-existent brand guidelines. Funding opportunities were missed due to a lack of social media presence, and project participants could not access all the information offered due to poor communications.

My role

As the organization's sole Graphic Designer, in a part-time modality, my role was to: 

Define brand and sub-brand guidelines, update two existing logos, and create new ones for community services and fundraising projects. 

HPPBZ (logos b).png


The NGO increased recognition at the national and international level with more project grants approved, increased donor satisfaction, and social media followers.

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